What started as an idea 2 years ago is slowly shaping its future, and the vision is becoming more precise and more tangible each day. We started actively developing our campaign in spring 2020 (when the whole pandemic hit and we ended up being locked at home with our two small children). And now, almost a year later, we’ve made some remarkable progress and connections along the way.

During this journey, we have learned a lot — about ourselves, about the perceptions and misconceptions of dyslexia commonly accepted and widespread, about the humans of dyslexia that are working towards the same goal as us; bringing awareness, bridging the gap.

This quest brought us to some incredible and inspiring people that see the future of IAMLEX in the same light and strive for a better world, where #IAMLEX becomes widely acknowledged and recognized, changing the narrative and showcasing genius over inability.

Thank you, Sonja Banks, the CEO of the International Dyslexia Association, for believing in #IAMLEX and endorsing this bright new vision all the way from the beginning.

Thank you, Greg Shepard, for sharing our values and telling your story of endurance and everlasting drive for life and success. To all our friends, family, mentors and fans — YOU have given us such encouragement, support and genuine feedback. It’s truly empowering, providing us a sense of unity, togetherness, and feeling that it all makes sense. We ALL have what it takes to change the paradigm.

With Love,

Mark and Tereza


Thank you, Kathy and Kate, for your excellent books and the storytelling. Your 'Bigger Picture Book of Amazing Dyslexics And The Jobs They Do' is my anthem. Can't wait for your exhibition 'Inside Out: Dyslexia: Beautiful Minds' in London.

Big thanks to Gil Gershoni, for hosting Virtual Salons Series, discussing all facets of dyslexia. I will be honored to participate and talk about IAMLEX with Gil in May 2021. Stay tuned.


Thank you, Jim Rokos, for the cutting-edge multidisciplinary designs you’re enriching the world with, for featuring fellow artists, and for celebrating the connection between dyslexia and creativity.



As the next steps are rolling out, we are currently looking for a movie director or a filmmaker to create beautiful and captivating TV spots that we’ll send out to the world with the #IAMLEX campaign launch. We would love to cast real amazing #IAMLEX characters, vibrant, original, and unique in their own ways. Please feel free to sign up or pass our details along.


It's 2021, and we say ...